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AFK XP Fortnite Maps

    AFK XP Fortnite Maps

    How to Get XP While AFK in Fortnite Creative

    If you want to maximize your Fortnite Battle Pass rewards, XP grinding is crucial. However, grinding for XP can be tedious and discouraging for many players.

    Fortunately, there’s a way to earn XP effortlessly in Fortnite Creative by going AFK.

    You’ll need special maps designed for this purpose, as talented players have discovered XP glitches that let you gain massive amounts of XP just by being in the game world.

    Here are three maps that are great for AFK XP farming, making it easier to level up without the grind.

    1. Choose the Right Map

       – There are specific maps designed for AFK XP farming in Fortnite Creative. We’ll provide instructions for two such maps.

       – The first map is called “Free-for-All with All Weapons.” Its code is 9025-5568-7074.

       – The second map is “1v1 Mythic Build Fights” with the code 1312-6123-7523.

    Free-for-All with All Weapons Map

    – Enter the “Free-for-All with All Weapons” map using the code: 9025-5568-7074.

       – Set the map to “Private” and load in

       – Once inside, locate a small box that you’ll see upon spawning.

       – Interact with the button labeled ‘XP shop.’

       – Head to the room with the Durr Burger Head.

       – Turn left and place your character in the corner of the room.

       – You should be able to interact with a secret button that gives you thousands of XP in minutes.

       – You can repeat this process to earn XP AFK.

    1v1 Mythic Build Fights Map

       – Load into the “1v1 Mythic Build Fights” map with the code.

       – Follow the vending machines until you see a dispensing Grappler.

       – Interact with the Grappler and enter the passcode: 5252-1751-0646.

       – Interact with the secret button.

       – Head back to the vending machine that sells Pulse Rifles.

       – Locate the hidden button behind the vending machine and interact with it.

       – This map provides multiple layers of XP. Interacting with the second button significantly increases your XP output.

       – After following these steps, you can sit back and earn XP completely AFK.


    – Go to the “Discover” section and select the “Island Code” tab.

    – Enter the code “0002-3371-2934” and confirm to spawn into the “One For All” map.

    – Head to the 1v1 Course: – Once you’re in the map, travel across the water to reach the 1v1 course.

    – Interact with Oysters: – On the 1v1 course, you’ll find two oysters. – Interact with both oysters to earn XP without the need to shoot your weapon.

    – Optional: Remain AFK for XP: – You can choose to remain AFK (Away From Keyboard) in the game, and your time spent will still earn you XP.

    – Optional: Gain XP by Traveling: – To make time pass faster and earn more XP, you can run around the map and gain 6,000 XP by traveling a distance of 6,000 units.

    – Note on the Map: – “One For All” is not considered an XP glitch, so it’s unlikely to be removed from the game, making it a reliable method for earning XP.

    Please note that while these methods allow you to earn XP while AFK, it’s essential to use them responsibly, as exploiting glitches or cheats may go against the game’s terms of service and can result in penalties from Epic Games. Additionally, be aware that game mechanics may change, and these methods might be patched or altered in the future.

    How Much XP Did You Gain From This Map?